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About me...

My name is Evelyn, i am married and have three kids.
I live in a beautiful country called the Netherlands, also known as the Land Of Orange. Yep the country with the windmills, tulips and wooden shoes!

I became a fan of Bucks Fizz in 1981 but not with the Eurovision Songcontest as our TV broke that evening!
We were watching the third entry and then it happened, smoke coming from the back of TV so decided to turn it off.
In August on my Birthday i got an extra gift from my best friend, a 7" called Piece Of The Action by Bucks Fizz and the next week they appeared on WWF-club, German TV.
And me was watching, enjoying it, and became a fan.

I haven't had the chance yet to see and hear Bucks Fizz perform, would love to go to England one day, maybe meet other fans too...
Until then i will enjoy all the things i have so far, the lovely singles, albums, CD's, DVD, pictures, articles etc. etc. etc.

2009 was a great year for me as after waiting patiently for 28 years i did get to see and hear the Original Bucks Fizz in July at Margate.
It was my first time ever and hubby's too, to meet Cheryl, Mike and Jay, they took time for me to have a little chat and i had my picture taken with them, will treasure it for life, yep, put in frame and hanging on my bedroom wall, LOL!
Thank you guys for making that day so special for

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